Friday, December 25, 2009

The Time for Giving...

So Christmas is finally over and got damn, I'm happy. Do you know how much damn wrapping paper I had to pick up? Do you know how many toys my kids got? My kids got so much shit, I had to throw some of their old toys out and there still isn't enough room for all their new stuff. They couldn't even open up some of their new toys. I will admit, I spoil my kids. I got my old kid a laptop. A laptop for a five year old. Man, I didn't even have a Nintendo at five. I had to wait until I was 8 or 9. My friend T. Fox told me today he wish he was one of my kids because he knows how much I spoil them. But the funny thing about today was; Yes , I know it's about family, but it is also about giving. And I gave. I gave a couple, well deserved ass whoopings. My kids thought it was damn free for all up in this piece. Crying and hollering and "It's mines" got on my nerves. I have one daughter and she makes up for about 2 kids. Bad as shit! But that's my baby. But she has a smart ass mouth. At the age of three, she already tells me what she is going and not going to do. Let me repraise that. She tries to tell me what she is going and not going to do. So today, on the Lords days, I gave her a little bit more than gifts. And I also let her know this was a gift she was going to get until she moves out my house. Cause daddy don't play. Her grand daddy didn't play and none of her aunts play. Her mom might play, but pops don't. So that was my favorite gift I gave out today, a good old ass whooping. Happy holidays.




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