Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's the Difference....

The older I get, the more I see shit that wasn't cool when I was younger. You got men and boys wearing tight pants, I once seen a man wearing a fashion scarf, and a whole bunch of other things that might have gotten you beat up or teased. But the one thing that stands out the most is the high level of gayism going on. No, I'm not talking about if your a straight gay man or straight butch broad, but I'm talking about the men and women who one minute, want to be with a man or women, but then the next minute, you switch it up. Now it seems okay for women to go around, kissing another chick all in the mouth. But a man? Fuck no. The minute you kiss a man all the mouth, you are a faggot for life! I don't want to hear that, "Oh, I was drunk" routine or none of that. The minute any of my homeboys even attempt to bring their mouth close to me, that's it. So whispering secrets in my ear is out. I never believed in the term bisexual. You either like men or you like women. Point blank. Now I don't have nothing against men and women who like the same gender, but for men, just don't bring that shit my way. We can be cool, just don't lead the conversation in the wrong path.
To this day, I've never been infatuated with seeing two women together, not even fine ones. I just feel like they could use a lil' meat in their lives instead of something plastic or something that takes batteries. Now you might ask, how can two fine women not turn my freaky ass on? Easily. I ain't in the middle. Four breast are the same as two to me. So if you have kissed a woman all in the mouth, you are a dike. Point blank.
There's a saying I hear when I listen to tv, Gay For Pay, meaning men and women playing straight for a check. But some of the people, how the hell you couldn't tell that they wasn't gay? Like when they finally decide to come out, you're shocked, a.k.a, Rosie O'Donell, the dancing dike Ellen, Wanda Sykes, the little tomboy from Rosanne, Tyler Perry (C'mon people). But one person who I didn't know was gay has shocked the shit out me; Guillermo Diaz (The spanish guy from Half Baked). Now I'm no actor, but if I'm not kissing a man in real life, ain't no damn way any amount of money is going to allow me to kiss a dude in the mouth. The same should go for women.
So I guess the point I want to know is, why is their a double standard between men and women when they "experiment" with the same race? Is it wrong for me not to think it's cool for a woman to kiss another woman one minute, then be in the mouth of a man the next? Can a man really be bisexual? (My answer is no. You can it in the rear and your manhood in my book is denied.) Tell me what you think. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Ummm. Did you just make up a word? "Gayism?" Lls. I agree. You are either gay or not. No flip-flopping here. So, after reading your opinion, how do you feel about the whole same-sex marriage issue? Speak Turner. (Can't wait for this one.)

Mike Turner on December 16, 2009 at 5:32 AM said...

How does Turner feel about same sex marriage? Well I know D.C. is about to be flaming real soon. I don't really see anything wrong with same sex marriage, as long as your happy and your totally gay. I just feel bad for kids who are being raised by two men or two women because that kid is going to be confused and picked up coming up in life. I don't see how some women who have had more than two kids one day wakes up and says, "Damn, look at the titties on that bitch."



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