Friday, December 11, 2009

Can people of the opposite sex really be best friends?

I'm in a relationship right now and it seems like until either my youngest kid is 18 or until I have finally had enough, I'm in it for the long run. And I also have many close friends, males and female. So you might be asking yourself, "What the hell does these two have to do with one another?" Easy, asshole, a lot. My girl friend doesn't have a problem with my friendship when it comes to the fellows. But when it comes to my female friends, I think it might be different. Not with all of my female friends, but with one. I have a female friend who I have been cool with for more than 15 years, going way back to the 9th grade of high school. This was my smoke out partner, my buddy who I got a job with, my ace boom coon. This was my 4th sister in my eyes. Back in school, when you saw Turner, you saw my buddy. And from what I heard, people thought me and her went together because we were always around each other. I told her that one day and we both fell out laughing.
Now you might want to know if there is any sexual chemistry between the two of us? Fuck no, not in my eyes and not in hers either. We are just real cool and talk about whatever. She's married and going through her own shit and I'm practically married and going through my own shit. There was a time when me and my buddy lost contact and I was like, "Damn, I gotta find my buddy." Now around this time, I had met my girl friend and had always told her about my buddy. Always! So hearing her name was nothing new. Because I honestly put my friend in the same category as my male friends. No, she not no dike or butch looking, she's just that damn cool. She's then met my family and everything. That's my ace. And never once had my girl asked me if anything had ever went on between me and my friend. Never.
About three or four years go by and I actually find my friend over the computer. Man, you talking about being happy. I was so happy when I found out my buddy was back in the area. We linked back up, caught up on old memories and I even introduced her to my girl friend. Yeah, I introduced her to my girl because there isn't and never was anything going on between us. Plus, if I'mma do any dirt with her, I'm not going to introduce her to my woman, right?
So my question is this, can men and women have a cool friendship where their spouse isn't concerned. My friend is married and I have known her husband since high school as well. He is cool with my relationship with his woman because I think he knows me and her are like brother and sister. But how many other guys or women would feel comfortable if their spouse was talking to another gender on the phone? With me, I don't hide anything from my girl. Anybody I talk to on the phone, I feel like I can talk to them in front of my girl unless I'm talking shit about her. And I'm like this, if I had these friends before I met you, you really can't say shit. It ain't like I'm having conversations with girls I then ran meat up in. But even with girls I then had relations with, I can still have a conversation with them with nothing sexual even being talked about. That's just the type of person I am. I'm talking to women who I can bring around my girl. That's just me. But how many women or men can put up with that? How many women can put up with their man having a close friendship with a woman without expecting something is going on? I feel that if there is a problem, you don't trust your spouse. Now do I have a problem with my girl having male friends? No, not as long as I know who he is. How can I stop my girl from talking to a guy that she knew before me? That would be dumb. But how come women have a more difficult time when it's the other way around? You have to have confidence in your relationship and your pussy. Sorry for saying it so harshly, but that's real. If you got a good trust factor and is laying it down in the bed, your man ain't thinking about that friend when it's time to get it down. So am I being optimistic or can the opposite sex really be good friends? Shout outs to my buddy. Friends forever.


Anonymous said...

Men and women can be friends. However, I do feel that there might be a chance for them to hook up depending on the circumstances. Anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Sorry girlfriend needs to work on her self esteem. You cant raise grown people if you are going to cheat its not going to matter with how long you have know a person. Trust is an essential part of a relationship without it there is doom looming in the air....I cant say for certain if I am that trusting but if there was no indication of an infraction I wouldnt ruffle any feathers about it, the safe bet is to hang out too, check the air, if it feels out of order, check your man....Mike you have to be sure that you are considerate in the time and manner of your conversations. Never give up lifetime friends but dont cause stress to the one you are loving....((((SunySyde))))



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