Tuesday, December 8, 2009

About this Blog...

I would to give people a few words on this blog right here before you say, "Damn, this dude is foul!" First of all, the words you read on here are my thoughts and my thoughts only. I know most of you really think the same damn thing, but I'm just man enough to say it and not give a shit. Nothing is of boundaries with me, regardless if it's music, sports, entertainment, sex, race, whatever. I'm on it.
Now what are all these pictures on the side? On the left, people I mess with in music real hard. No Jigga? No 50? No Beyonce? Hell no! But Hall and Oates? Hell yes, real music. Now some have fallen off a lot to me (Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe), but I can't take away their past shit. Who knows. Jay-Z might make it on my wall eventually. But after that last bullshit album, I don't know. To the right is my entertainment. Stuff I may watch, women I think look good, stuff I liked as a kid. So if I upset you in anyway, mission accomplished. But if you read this as entertainment which it is, thanks for checking me out. Now on with the show......




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