Saturday, December 5, 2009

So Is Tiger Woods considered "African American" yet?

So the big news in entertainment right now is Tiger Woods and his cheating ways. For the past week, that seems to be the headline all over the tv. Only thing I want to say is, "Who cares?" Man, do you know how many famous people cheat and creep on their spouse? Is it a big deal because he is the most popular golfer or is it because he's a black man? Tiger Woods black? I know, I know, he has denied it over the years. But with him not talking to the cops, that's some black man, "I'm not snitching" type of shit. Now I've never been one of those ones who were on that "Don't snitch" campaign because honestly, people ran that word and term into the ground. But let's get back to the subject matter. Tiger's wife supposedly found out about one of his creeps and beat his ass, causing him to crash. Now all of a sudden, you got woman after woman coming out the woodwork, saying how they were messing with homeboy on the side. Now I will say this is sad on these women. Why all of a sudden, now that is out in the open about Tiger creeping, you want to come out and announce to the world you were messing with him, too? That's some ol' punk shit right there. You should have been said something about it if it really meant anything. Now you're just going to be consider a side hoe.

So is this the end of Tiger Wood's career? Personally, I don't care because golf isn't my thing. I'm just talking about it because it's my job to report what's going on in the world. There's an old saying, "People always want to keep the black man down." But if he doesn't consider himself black, what do you consider it, you can't keep a good golfer down? So with Tiger Woods not telling and having multiple creeps, can it be said that Tiger has finally joined his daddy?


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha...."Who cares?" He is funny looking anyhow so him not being 'black' is a good thing...SunySyde



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