Saturday, December 19, 2009

Things Just Ain't the Same

I'm from the old school. I had old school parents who gave old school ass whoopings and if you didn't do what they said, you got your ass whooped, no time outs. And I think that's why kids are so damn bad now, nobody believes in the good ol' belt anymore. I have three kids of my own and I'm like my dad, you act up and it's your ass. I don't yell, "I'mma beat your ass." Reason being is, they know it's going to come. The thing to do is catch them in the act and give them a fresh one right then and right there. And see, I got those ol' school whoopings. If it was able to get picked up, I might have got hit with it or thrown at. We're not going to talk about going to pick out my own switch. (Switch- a piece of a tree such as a limb that you got your ass beat with) Also when it came to curfew, my dad always said be home before that sun comes down. Me and my sisters knew exactly what that meant. There wasn't no yelling out our name, no searching for us, no ringing no bell. We knew the deal. We knew that if we didn't eat what was made for the night, you just wasn't going to eat. The good ol' days.
What the fuck is a time out? I'mma need a time out to catch my breathe so I can continue to whip ass.
Now let's talk about the shit that is going on right now. You got kids telling their parents what they will and won't do and all this crazy shit. I can't even watch Nanny 911 because that show makes me want to beat the parents ass. And what a coincidence you never see black people on there. Now that I think about it, I only see white people on there. I don't even see Asian. Let me find out Asians beat they kids ass. Even when I watch the episodes of Maury when they have the little bad kids on there, rolling they neck and doing all that cussing piss's me off. It's funny because most of the time, the mom is on their crying, but the minute the kid comes out, the mom gets loud. Get loud at home and none of this shit would be going on. BEAT YOUR KIDS ASS!!!! And I say that with anger in my voice. What you need to do is sign a contract and either let that big muscle dude put his hands on your kid's or allow the audience to fuck your kid up. Because if I was in the crowd and one of those bastards talked to me like they was crazy, I might come up on the stage, take my belt off, and do what you're not doing. I watch and listen when the mom says their kid hits them. What damn house is this? They need a Black Nanny 911 and none of this shit would be going on. Marvin Gaye was in his forties and tried to fight his dad and you heard what happen. I think Mike Sr. had dreams of me ever testing him. I wasn't dumb and I loved my life. The ass beatings and punishments he gave me was enough.
Now I know some parents now are only a few years older than their kids, (You have 26 year old grandmothers now, 40 year old great grandmothers) but you are still the parent. I don't care if I was only a few years older than my kid, I wish like shit my kid would call me by my first name. I'm only 30 and have an 18 year old nephew and to this day, he still calls me Uncle Mike. I wish the lil' mutha fucka would call me by my first name. And even though he is 18, I still talk to him like is my nephew, not my friend. Because if we ever got on a friend level, he might think he can talk to me any kind of way he wants. (You hear me parents, you can't be friends with your kids.) I'm uncle Mike first and then maybe friend. That goes with my kids. I'm daddy before anything and daddy beats ass just like uncle Mike.
Now this goes out to the ladies and please, don't let the truth hurt you. Most of the time, if you are dealing with a sorry ass man and you have a kid with him, that kid is going to come out bad as shit if you don't keep him or her in line. Some parents think it's cool for their kid to cuss. I wish the fuck I would think it's funny for my kids to cuss. For instance, one time, I heard my daughter cuss. Yes, I laughed to myself because I couldn't believe she is catching on to her father's mouth. But I didn't let her see me laugh. So I went and tagged her in her mouth because she knew what she said was wrong. So I fault myself for that one. But parents, there is some shit you shouldn't do in front your kids. I see some shit on other websites that makes me mad. (Parents rolling joints, having sex, taking ghetto ass pictures in front their kids)

I had an argument with some asshole recently because I said I don't believe in kids having cellphones. Their argument was that they had to keep in touch with their kid. My argument was, coming up, we didn't have no cellphone. We took our ass's home, checked in, and then went right back out. Or, wherever we was at, we picked up a phone and called home to let our parents know where we was at. Cellphone for a kid? Unless my kid is paying for that line, that's the only way their going to have a cellphone. Better use that home phone like I had to.
Parents, we need to get back to being parents instead of friends to our kids. We need to beat these kids ass and have them growing up like when we was kids (No cellphones, no tv past a certain time, having your ass in the house at a certain time, ASS WHOOPINGS, a good smack in the mouth if they back talk you, etc.) Now I'm not saying abuse your kid, but if they get out of line, put them in their place. Take it from me, a product of ass whoopings who has never been to jail, doesn't have a record, and doesn't plan on going.


Anonymous said...

Well then. LOL. You are fired up today.

Anonymous said...

I was just having this conversation with someone today! It amazes me cause I am not playing with no kids! FOr what? For them to forget who I am and me to have to put the beat down on one of them!!?!?!? They dont want it here. I am a young mother, but I play by the old school rules, act a fool get laid out where you stand! I gives a damn who is around. If anybody knows how better to raise mine, I will pack they azzes up and you can have at it!!! Great post!




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