Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Welcoming me back!

It's been about a year or so since I stopped doing my blogs over at "Da Thin Line." Til' this day, a few people asked me if I still do it. I would say no and keep it moving. I had a fall out with a friend of mine over this blogging shit, but I actually manned up and reached out to him. Anybody who knows the real me knows I can hold a grudge and be like, "F it." But I wasn't going to let a ten some year friendship go down like that over some bull crap he said, she said, especially from a mutha fucka I don't even know personally. So what has chanced since my last blog; not a got damn thing. People need Turner in their life. People need that realness, that thorough, that shit that's going to get some people mad while others find what I say to be funny, but possibly ignorant. C'mon, I know you're tired of getting the right answer instead of the "right answer." Nothing is off limits to me. Rather it be music, sports, women, politics, what the hell is going on right now in the world, I'm on it. So prepare. If you're soft, light in the ass, and can't take some truth, break out. Right now, I'm in the rough draft mode, so don't fault me. But trust in believe, give me a few days and as most punks say, this site will be looking fabulous. Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving. Shout out to Lex Luther and Dame. Now let's really get this shit popping.




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