Monday, February 4, 2013


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This is your idol. Manhood is changing. Dressing like your woman is now the new thing. Today while I was at work, browsing the Internet like I’m not suppose to be doing, I run into this interview by hip-hop artist, Lord Jamar. He was talking about another fellow rapper by the name of Kanye West and how he has made people think it is acceptable wear kilts, aka, dresses. Let me make this straight, this is not a hip-hop post, but a lot of what I say may be geared towards the hip-hop audience.
I’m in my mid thirties and I wouldn’t dare wear some of the shit I see some men wearing.
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What the fuck? Where the fuck are these man's fathers? My homeboy quoted, "A father's failure." And that's exactly what this shit is. Now in my early 20’s, I did rock two ear rings and have my tongue pierced, but my manhood was never questioned. I use to get poon-tang by the pound, but that’s another story. Also, I never had a man come on to me or even think I swung that way. Even though I don’t have nothing against gay men, that just was never and will never be my thing. But when I did come home with both my ears pierced and my tongue done, my dad went the fuck off. In for real, he should have. Because no father is going to let their son walk around dressed like this. When I was younger, I remember sagging your pants was the thing to do. No, we weren’t showing our ass like they are doing now, but are pants weren’t tight on us like these boys are wearing now. And I remember my father yelling at me, “Pull your got damn pants up. Ni@@as in jail would look at you like sweat meat.” I was young, so I wasn’t trying to hear all that. But back to these man bitches. Now, these young men are wearing jeans that are tight enough that there woman cannot even fit in. I saw another interview today wear another rapper, little Juelz Santana admitted to buying a woman’s belt. What the fuck? That’s what they’re doing in Harlem now? A few years ago, I remember being in the barber shop and they had two kids in there that was on this fashion shit. One of the young boys had on some tight, red pants, a tight shirt, some big ass sneakers with the tongue sticking out and a got damn scarf. A scarf? Now mind you this was the summer time. Not a fucking drop of snow was on the ground. I haven't wore a scarf since I was in elementary school. I don’t even remember what the other cat had on. So anyways, as I’m about to go get my haircut, I accidentally stepped on homeboys foot. Before I got a chance to apologize for scuffing his sneaker, he goes into a panic attack saying, “Oh, someone stepped on my shoe. Someone stepped on my shoe. Oh my goodness!” Now I don’t know if ol’ boy was gay, but I kindly told him, “If you swing, you better make sure it’s a fist.” He looked like he would do all that hand swatting shit. So back to this fashion shit. Things have changed for the worst. What people call swag, I call fag swag because a lot of men are starting to dress feminine like shit. I don’t trip on the pink shirt shit because depending on how you rock it, it can be done. I use to wear pink shirts, but best believe my pants weren’t tight as shit and the color of my pants was not even close to being pink. Since a lot of the stars are wearing this crazy looking shit, from basketball stars to emcees, a lot of the men now of days are following behind their idols. Leggings? For real. My girl wears that. A size 32? I haven't wore that size since I was in high school. A skirt? My daughter looks cute in them. A blouse. A FUCKING BLOUSE!
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Why God, why? Where were these men's male figures in life. Did they play football or with barbie dolls coming up. My God, how could I go on this long. Why don't I have a Chris Bosh picture on here yet. He's the definition of everything I am talking about. Someone once told me he's not a man's man. I said since he wasn't a man's man, he was border line bitch. Don't believe me?
Men, stop competing with your woman. There's only one man who can get away with wearing heels and that Prince. That mother fucker is 5'2 and has reason. Plus, his track record of women he has ran through is legend. But if your woman, home girl, sister or daughter can wear what you have in mind, put that shit back in the closet. If you want to be a bitch, be a bitch. But don't come out wearing girl shit and claiming you're straight. I don't wear tight clothes because I like my penis to breathe. You people might as well wear thongs, man bitch. And why wear tight ass pants if you are trying to sag them.
Get out that tight out shit and put some men clothes on. Wearing stretch pants on with some timbs. You damn hypocrite. I close you with a few skits. Listen, learn, and man the fuck up.




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