Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Top Ten Viral Videos

People can't do anything embarrassing in public anymore. Everything is viral. More than likely, if you do anything, from ordering a cheeseburger to having sex, that shit is being recorded. If you get into a fight, more than likely, someone is going to yell out, "World Star." And thanks to YouTube and Worldstar Hip-Hop, you can see these scenes over and over. Myself, I like to laugh and when I see a clip that amusing me too much, I lose about an hour of my life rewinding the clip. Yes, a lot of the scenes make a certain dynamic look bad (Niggas),but you also have your set of trashy scenes as well (Crackas). One set of people I don't see posting shit (Spics) is because they are smart with their shit. Hey, I'm raciest against everybody. But here are my top ten viral videos in no particular order. Laugh, enjoy, comment.

10. Sweet Georgia Brown

My First Thoughts: They always picked the most niggerish person to put on camera.
I always heard about this before I actually sat down and wasted my time laughing at this shit. Her famous saying, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" Look at homeboy in the background. Niggas, I tell you.

9. Antwan Dodson

My First Thoughts: They always picked the most niggerish person to pun on camera.
Okay, I don't care about homeboys sexuality, but them teeth and gums, that's another subject. This fool got a perm and actually made his 15 minutes last longer than what I hoped to see. C'mon, homeboy had  a song. What the fuck do I have to do to get put on?

8. Nasty Ass Brother and Sister (Warning, Not Safe For Work)

My First Thoughts: That's what you get, bitch!
Let me make this clear, I love head. It's a requirement. Another subject for another time. But uh, ain't nobody going down on me that I cannot see. Lights have to be on first before them bitches go off. That might be a man. But this right here, you're going to go down on a dude through a hole? Y'all made your parents proud. Nasty bitches.

7. When Precious Attacks

My First Thoughts: How big was that dorm room?
I felt so bad for the little girl. When I saw these big bitches (Taywana & Tiny) come from around the corner, I thought "Dear Lord, this bitch is in trouble." If I was any of the skinny girls in the room, I would have left. You bitches were lunch meat for these big broads.

6. Ghetto Ass Reporter Swallows Fly

My First Thoughts: Rewind this bitch.
I laughed my ass off. When I say I lost hours of time watching this shit, man. This mutha fucka went off. I hope this was not live on the air. Even though this clips is mad old, it is still considered a classic in my eyes.

5. Herpies?

My First Thoughts: Well deserved
Niggas is always running up on reporters when they are not suppose this. This drunk bitch right here got everything she deserved. The reporter was quick on her feet. I liked that and the bitch in the background embarrassed herself for the rest of her life. Drunk bitch.

4. Shocked

My First Thoughts: TIMBER!!!!
This ghetto ass bitch got exactly what she asked for. If you want my full thoughts, here you go.

3. Dancing Machine

My First Thoughts: Nigga
First of all, homeboy at beginning looks like Biz Markie. But when this mutha fucka skipped his black ass backwards and got hit by that car, that was it for me. Rewind!

2. Soulja Girl

My First Thoughts: Rewind!
I wasted about a full week of time watching and talking about this crazy bitch. This girl had to be high. But what got me was how long it took people to stop this bitch from going off on the old woman. End results was classic.

1. Best Uppercut Ever

My First Thoughts: Rewind!, Niggas & That's what your black ass get!
Got damn, that has to be the best uppercut I ever seen. Mike Tyson never hit someone that damn flush. "You going to jail now!" has been repeated between me & a friend in general conversation out of nowhere. I don't believe in hitting women, but damn it, you gon' learn!

People, my sense of humor is fucked up, but c'mon, you laughed your ass off at this shit. And damn, do you noticed how many of these clips feature women acting a fool or doing sit they shouldn't? (Another story) I know I missed a few scenes, but these come off top. Did I miss anything? If so, leave your feedback or you can hit me up at @MikeTurner911. Peace.




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