Sunday, January 20, 2013

He's Back?!?!?!?

I'm lazy. I'll admit, lazy as hell when it comes to my thing of writing. As much as I have on my plate, I should be writing at a rapid speed. As much bull crap that goes on in the world, I should be writing at least three times a day. As much shit and crap I talk online, I should be posting more. But I don't. So for anybody who thinks I'm mixed with Mexican and Asian, my own admission that I just spoke on should tell you, nope, this slanted eye, beige seƱor is far from that. So what exactly has been going on with me that has me not writing? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Just lazy. Well I will say I did get my degree in Communications, but even with the degree, I'm still not motivated to get it popping. I will say I must be motivated to do things and I can admit that motivation factor has been kind of low. But now that I am approaching 3/16 and I will be another year older where I did not use my talents to get me where I want to be, it's time to make it or break it for real. Too many people over the years have said, "Mike, you do good at writing rhymes." Yeah, I know, but I'm not a spitter. Plus, the shit I spit may be a little too risky in this era. "Mike, you need to do stand up." I could, but I do not think that I am funny. Honestly. I do not attend to make people laugh. The people who try are normally corny. The ones who can make people laugh with out being so are the real naturals. And maybe I am just that. "Mike, when are you coming back to the radio?" If I had the right people behind me and people who are not doing it just because they are bored, then I'm game. But with whatever I do if it is the radio, I'm doing it for funny in a business manner. Like, let's get this money. "Mike, what happen to them books you were writing?" Sitting on them. I actually finished a book years ago that I had been working on since high school and have several of other ideas that I can easily get out, but once again, it comes back to motivation. I have several other questions people ask me on the regular, but that's another story, feel me? I know I sometimes say a lot of f'd up things that seems to get a lot of people butt hurt, but some of the shit I do say is so on point. My homeboy, Lexx Luther said I remind him of this guy on the radio, Charlamagne the God because he is another person who says what is on his mind. And I listen to Charlamagne all the time on Power 105.1. Even when he was running with Wendy Williams, I was a fan. And I can see the resemblance as far as pushing the button. But shit, some of the things that I say need to be said. Because there are a lot of liars out there who are lying to their friends. Your music sucks, your breathe stinks, your hairdo is fucked up, etc. There's a few things that are off limits (my family) and that's only because I have to see these people on the regular and other reasons. But anything else is a damn go! Shout out to my homeboy Dame, a.k.a, Illaim and his boy 'Los with their sports radio show. Shout out to Lexx Luther. Me, you, and Dame need to stop fucking around. Since 98, 99, we been bullshitting with these projects we been working on. (Rapping, radio show, comic book, blogging, etc.) Let's get money!!!




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