Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Holiday Season In February????

It’s tax time and you know what that mean; WHEN NIGGAS GO WILD!!! And other races, too. The real first holiday for black people hits the last week of January. That is when people are able to file their taxes and wait impatiently by the mailbox or check their bank account every morning. Some who have the Internet go check their status all the time on the IRS website. Well let me tell you who is tired about hearing about taxes. Me, Mike Turner.

At work, I work with nothing but women. And I tell you, it’s the worst. It could be because they are ugly and not much to look at, but being ugly and messy is a double negative. So I have this one woman who questions me every damn day about MY taxes.

  “You get your money back?” or “Have you checked the website to know when it’s coming?”
I look at her stupidly since I already told her once, “When it comes to my taxes, the money will come when it comes. I’m not tripping.” (Secretly lying because I’mma be debt free, bitch!)
So when it comes to this woman, she was telling me what she was going to do with her money. Now she just got these braces in her mouth and told me how it will cost $2000 to pay them off. Also, mind you I have giving this woman a ride a few times because she shares a car with her husband. Not man, husband. (Story for another time) So let me run down what she told me.
  “Well I need a car, but I’m going to wait on that.”

So I asked, “Well are you going to pay off your braces?”

  “No, not yet.”

So when I heard this horse shit, I ended up walking from out the lunchroom. Now mind you my job is moving at the end of the week and is further out and guess who ain’t given no one no got damn rides? This one right here. Because see, you’ll hope your ass in the front of my car freely, but when it comes to getting your own ride, you want to bull shit. Fuck that shit. I suggest you take that money and make a down payment on a car, but we know how people do when it comes to taxes. That first week when they get their tax money, hair done, nails did, may buy a car or not. If you’re a woman, you start spending money on that raggedy nigga who sits on your couch all day while you work. C’mon. You know who I’m talking about.
You also have them people who are supposed to be broke by the time their tax money hits their account. They have borrowed so much money during the year and their famous saying,

  “I’ll pay you when I get my income taxes.”

So when it’s time to pay, the person who owes you says,

  “I didn’t get anything back.”

Yeah, that’s that Judge Mathis shit right there! Boy, I tell you. And then you have the people who will go to these tax places where the sign reads, “File today and get paid tomorrow!” Now mind you that you are being charged damn near 10% of their check, but you know how people are. You can't tell them shit. Oh, I’m feeling like Uncle Ruckas right now. The other day, I was in the checkout line and this woman out of nowhere asked me if I got my taxes back yet. After I answer, she gave me the run down on how she got her money back already and how she has to deposit this amount of money in her moms account and so on and so on. Then she has the nerve to ask me if I knew where any cash checking places where at because she needed a payday loan. What? First of all, bitch, do I know you to be telling me all this and asking me all that? And if you just got your taxes, why do you need a loan? Niggas, I tell ya.

Now I don’t know how other people act, but I only go on the ones I know or see. People loaning out their kids and asking for a cut of the money. People claiming shit that they know that they don’t have. Niggas, I tell ya. Now when I say niggas, I’m not talking about black people, I’m talking about these ignorant mutha fuckas who you know do this shit. From February to April, let these people live high of that check. From crabs and shrimps with a S back to roman noodles. Hopefully, but I’m doubtful, people will pay off previous bills before they start making new bills. But you know how NIGGAS act.

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