Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Real (Real)ity

Reality television is a trip. Especially when it comes to famous people. Now a days, famous people are allowing the cameras to “quote, quote” come into their house and film their life. Is it me or does all the shit seemed scripted? I can only go on with what I see because I don’t watch the bull shit such as Ray-J or duck sounding Fantasia. I couldn’t watch the crack head couple of the decade, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown and I was never a fan of Run D.M.C. Salt ‘N’ Pepa been past their prime, but Flavor Flav? Well I guess that was my guilty pleasure right there. But for the other shows, I have never seen a full episode of any of them but I have skimmed through some of them.
Let me start with the obvious, these shows are not real. Let’s take Flavor Flav and Ray-J for instance. These niggas are rich. Why must they go on tv and make a complete ass out of themselves? I’ll take Flavor Flav for a minute. Even as black and ugly and crackish as he looks, even this clown doesn’t have to go on tv to get a woman. C’mon now. 20 bitches fighting for a piece of shit that puts clothes on? Flavor Flav, not Chuck D. And as much as I sat back and laughed my ass off at this fool, I know it couldn’t be real. Half these birds didn’t even know who the hell he was. And what the fuck is up with all these reality dating shows making these dumb ass girls doing events and shit just to win a date? How fucking dumb is this? Now let’s move to Ray-J for one quick moment. One quick one because this dude is corny as fuck. Him and all his cronies sound and look like a bunch of faggots. “She smashed the homies.” Who the fuck says that! Really? Who says that shit? That’s it on him.
So you’re trying to tell me you need a second and third season to find love?
I was skipping through the channels today and saw that now, Fantasia has a show on VH-1. (Warning: VH-1 is where you go when your career is over and you want to get exploited as some NIGGAS!) So I’m looking at this shit and I see that Fantasia has damn near her entire family living with her and her (TROUBLED) brother lives in the outhouse or some shit. Big auntie goes to speak to him about him shaping up and as the camera rolls, he show how much of an ignorant nigga he is on tv.
Why God, why? Why do you subject black people to make a fool out of themselves on tv? You had Whitney walking around doped up (I did watch a few episodes of this), you got Michael’s brothers making money off of his death. Because honestly, who gave a fuck about the other four brothers? You got Run and Snoop trying to act like the Cosby show. Now how come they never showed Snoop rolling a joint and getting high? If you want a real reality show, hide the camera’s and don’t tell the people your filming them. That’s when you’re going to see real life.
Keyshia Cole’s reality show is real. Her mom is the only thing I have to say. But since they act too much like fools, I couldn’t even watch that show.
Monica’s career is over, Pepa’s career is over. Who else has a show coming out? I guarantee that Chris Brown will have a show soon. But these two clowns right here is the reason why I say these shows are scripted.
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If these faggots can make you believe that they can get women, I guess anybody can get a show.




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