Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm on my Facebook Shit!

I’m like all the others, Facebook is becoming addicting to me. No, I don’t have hundreds of friends and no, I’m not on there trying to get some pussy. It’s just cool to see what people I haven’t heard from or seen in years are up to. It’s also funny seeing how some people are just as damn corny as they were years ago.
Now I then done a major change since high school and middle school. I then gained weight like a mutha fucka and I gained confident. Cause see, back then, I was bony and didn’t have the confidence and as cocky as I am now. Cause nigga, I am the shit and any bitch that says I ain’t might be a dike! Come fuck with me. But you know what’s funny? Some of the dudes and girls that thought they were the shit actually look like shit. Got damn! Funny how time flies. Some of the same girls I wanted to slide meat up in then ate a bunch of meat, with potatoes, corn, bread, all that shit. And the dudes? I don’t judge no men or no shit like that, but I guess I got the last laugh for all the niggas who use to fuck with me. Because some of you niggas look through. A few fat fucks, a few dope feens here and there.
I notice how some people who are on Facebook have thousands of friends. Now I understand if you’re famous and you have fans, but just because I say hi to you doesn’t mean we cool. Just because your boy friend or girl friend is cool with me does not mean we have to be cool. I had a chick who wanted me to add her just because we had two mutual friends, one being her man. Get the hell out of here! If I don’t really know you and you’re not cool with any of my family members, I’m not going to add you just so you can get your number count up. Get the hell out of here. Everybody on my page is people I know personally. People I then either hung around, talked to, family member, tapped, etc. You get the point?
I sometimes laugh at the shit I see on Facebook. I’m a fan of this and I’m a fan that. If you want to become a fan, BECOME OF FAN OF THE DURTY TRUTH! And don’t just be a fan, listen to the damn show. I wish I would be a fan of something that I really don’t support. I’m a fan of Crabs, Hip Hop, my fam, and that’s it. I support my boy, T. Fox. I support this girl group out of Cali called Double Up. I support people I know!
To you cornballs who post all that dumb, gay shit, cut it out. For you people who aren’t funny in person, but try to be funny over the computer, quit. To all you people who make yourself out to be something you’re not, people know the truth. I’m Turner, have been Turner since my birth. Be yourself. Don’t let this Facebook shit fool you. Shout outs to my Durty Truth Family, Mr. Lex, Tiff, Most Wanted, Mo, and Pezzy. Support the show every Wednesday at 10 P.M.


Mr. Lex on January 18, 2010 at 4:46 PM said...

BECOME OF FAN OF THE DURTY TRUTH! And don’t just be a fan, listen to the damn show.

could not have said it better my dayumn self



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