Tuesday, January 12, 2010

40 Million and You Don't Want to Fight?

I'm pissed. PISSED! I'm a big boxing fan. Real big. But not as big as this one dude I know who all he talks about is boxing. But I'm a big boxing fan. And as a fan, I was waiting for March 13th, 2010 for a fight that everybody has been wanting to see: Floyd "Money" Mayweather Image and video hosting by TinyPicvs Manny PacquiaoImage and video hosting by TinyPic. Boy, niggas was pressed to watch this shit. I know I was. Two of the biggest stars right now were about to get it on in the ring. And then, shit falls apart. Ain't that a bitch! All because one, Mayweather for some reason wants Pacquiao to take certain test and two, Pac doesn't want to take the test. Now I'm going to look at it at both man's point of view. Did I mention that theses men will make up to 20 million dollars guaranteed money? So with that being said, man, fuck their sides. Because honestly, for that amount of money, there shouldn't be any bitching or complaining about anything. For 20 million dollars, you can put a swab up my ass to see if I'm taken anything abnormal. Shit, when you go get a check up pass the age of thirty, you're going to get that treatment for less than one hundred dollars. Why not be filthy rich for a treatment most men are going to get anyways. Pacquiao, needles? Needles? Are you kidding me. All them damn tattoos and you want to complain about needles? Mayweather, 40-0 and you never asked for this kind of test for any other man, but now you want to? Now in some weighs, I agree with Mayweather because the heavier you get, you're not going to be the same fighter you were when you fought at a smaller weight class. For the people who aren't familiar with Manny, homeboy started out fighting at 108 and is now fighting and beating the shit out of 140 pound fighters. But for 20 million, I'll take my chances and fight. If he gets caught cheating, it will come out eventually. Look at Mark McGuire. He didn't even get caught, but told on himself like this was the Cosby Show. So now that the fight is called off, Manny will be fighting Joshua Clottey. And you know how much Clottey is making? Probably 2 million dollars. and do you think he's complaining or wanting homeboy to take test? Fuck no. He just wants that money to fight up to 36 minutes or less. I can lost for 20 million. I understand nobody wants to lose, but for 20 mil, I don't think my pride will be that bad, especially if I think I can win. So to Mayweather and Pacquiao, fuck the two of you for messing this fight up. Pac, I hope and got money on Clottey to beat your ass. I would definitely be more scared than a big foreheaded African than some damn needles.(But I'm a Clottey fan, so kill that raciest shit.)Image and video hosting by TinyPic




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