Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Whole Lot of Bitching Going On (The Sports Edition)

Last night around 10 something at night, I got some bad news. And I mean very bad news.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic vs Image and video hosting by TinyPic with Image and video hosting by TinyPic looking on. Ain't that a bitch! Now, I would think people know I am a huge boxing fan and if you listen to the very 1st full episode of the Durty Truth in January. Yes, January, you will know I am a boxing fan. Back in January, there was talk about Mayweather vs Pacquiao, but even then, that fight was falling apart. But then in May, there was talk again about these two fighting again. YES!!!! Pacquiao agreed to taking the test that everybody thought he was dodging and November the 13th was going to be the date set if both parties agreed. Oh shit! Me and my partners were hyped. It was actually going to go down.

And then, here came the bull shit. There was talk of Mayweather's uncle, Roger, possibly going to jail for beating the breaks off of his boxing girl friend, Mellisa Vil. Image and video hosting by TinyPic So what was being said is Floyd was going to sign to fight unless his uncle was training in his corner. Now I can't knock him for that. But, and I mean a big ass but, for 40 million dollars, I don't give a got damn who is training me. I understand that Mayweather is undefeated and has a legacy to live up to, but for that amount of money, I'll take a L if I lost. And if I'm the one fighting, I should already know how to fight. Man, get your damn daddy to train you. You are the one in the ring fighting.

So after all this talk of the fight being called off, Bob Arum set a time clock for Mayweather to sign the fight with Pacquiao. Time went by and the fight wasn't signed. Mayweather nor his people were speaking on the matter. So after the deadline wasn't set, Mayweather's people finally spoke and said no agreement was even mentioned. People had doubts. Shit, I had doubts. Called off again is all I thought. Then, the name of Cotto and Margarito came up for Pacquiao's next opponents. Now if you saw Pacquiao vs Cotto I, I don't even know why they would even want to see a part II.

Then there was talk about Pacquiao vs Margarito. If anybody remember the last time of hearing about Margarito, he was caught illegally wrapping his hands and this is what happen.

So who the fuck wants to see Pacquiao fight either one of these fighter. For real, if he doesn't fight Mayweather, he needs to fight that gave him hell twice.

So like I said, after last night, people are going to have to see Pacquiao vs Margarito. As a fan, I am not even excited about this bullshit fight. Not at all. Now I am starting to believe Mayweather's people's of the fight not even being offered. Why? This about it. Both Pacquiao and Margarito are signed under Bob Arum. Margarito is practically banished from boxing because of them illegal hand wrap thing. So to me, this fight is to put Margarito back in the lime life. Nobody wants to see his cheating ass box anymore. So what other way to revive his career? I am starting to see why UFC is taking over boxing. Because boxer's egos are fucking up everything. Check out Gametyme Radio with your boy on there and see what I'm talking about.
So once again, this is a big damage to boxing. So November 13th will just be another date to me. Damn you, Bob Arum!




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