Saturday, July 10, 2010

The New Turner Continues.....

It's been a few days since I last wrote. (I will try to write more often than take these breaks I have been doing.) But I am actually feeling a lot better. I have family here and have been talking to the person who I was talking about left out of my life. Well for anybody who doesn't know who I am talking about, tough. If you know me, follow the Durty Truth every Wednesday night at 10 PM (Plugging the show), then you may know what I'm talking about. But my agenda now is what if I do let this person back in my life. I have family and friends who say let it go and things like that. But yo, it is easier said than done, especially when there are other people involved in the situation. But for some of these people who have made comments to me, you have some damn nerve. People make mistakes in life and some of you all have made a lot. And one thing about me, when you were making mistakes, I never got involved in your mess because it is your life. Now what people can do is suggest things to me. But to say what I better not do? Are you crazy? Because when certain people were dealing with individuals that weren't on their level, I let you make your own decision. When people were telling me about them messing with no good niggas, I just listened and thought, "Damn, they are dumb." So just let me be dumb about my decisions. Hopefully, I am not dumb and what I need to work on will work out for the best. So hopefully on my next post, I will have better news. Matter of fact, by the time I write again, I will be back to normal, rather they are in my life or not. Cause shit, I got faces I need to put a smile on.


Mz. Midnite on July 12, 2010 at 11:02 AM said...

Hey Mike!! I don't know how spiritual you are, but the best thing I could say on this subject is to sincerely and earnestly pray. Pray with faith and expectancy and then wait on the answer to your prayer to come. It may come right away or it may take a little while but we have to learn how to wait. I've talked about waiting 2 other times today. Waiting is one of the hardest things for us to do, but when we do, the outcome is so much better. Like you said YOU have to learn from your own mistakes if there are mistakes to be made. I know from experience. The first time a made the mistake I didn't learn from it and made the same mistake again. Some mistakes are harder learned the second time around. OUCH!! However, trust and believe, I've learned from those mistakes now!! Take some time to mediate and really clear your mind. Clear your mind of other people's opinions, your past thoughts & feelings and focus on the here and now & your & your children's future. You're no good to them if you're not feelin' right. Well I think I've said enough, probably too much, but I know you'll be fine! Be Blessed

Mike Turner on July 12, 2010 at 11:11 AM said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement. I think everything is going to be all right for me, rather if me and this person makes up or not. I have outside voices trying to tell me what to d, but I have to do what I think is best and go by my own decisions. And thanks for showing love to my page. Spread the word! Me and my crew is trying to take over. Much love!



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