Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Durty Truth

As you people know, I am apart of a radio gig every Wednesday night and our show is the realest shit out there that you might hear. Not even might hear, will hear. But we have been doing the show for close to five or six months now. We have a hell of a cast with our own personality. We have Lex Luther, we have our Durty Truth Ladies, Tickles and Quit Playin' and my brother in arms, Most Wanted. We also have our own home page. We have a good following and are trying to expand. We also have our affiliate shows who are down with us, Gametyme Sports. And my homeboy, TFOX is the one who provided the intro.

My boy Lex is running a lot of stuff at the time and is taking a break for a short time and guess who is hosting the show? Your boy. If you heard the show two weeks ago, you already know how I get down. So I want everybody to come and support the show, our websites, support our family, and everybody that is down with the show. Much love and continue to support the real.




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