Monday, July 19, 2010

How Can I?

My boy Dame, aka, Ill Aim wrote this article a few days ago.
Check it out if you can and support good reading. But on my way home today, I actually listened to Rick Ross' CD, Teflon Don and I must admit, I was impressed. Was it the beats? Was it the C.O's lyrics? Who knows. But I can honestly say that after listening to the CD, I would listen to it again and would put some of his songs on a mix if I make one. Now all my long time friends will say, "What the fuck, Turner!" Trust me, Dame himself said I can't comment on his Gucci Maine fanfare, but I think I can. Cause Gucci sucks! Bad! Now don't get me wrong, I will never in my life put this dude in the same category as say M.O.P. or no shit like that, but past his lying ass past, the dude isn't that bad. Like I said, maybe it's the beats, but he isn't as bad as I thought. So I can say people, as hard as it might sound coming from me, go peep his album. Peace.




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