Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Think I Found My Counter Part

People who know me will call me an ignorant person. I don't call it being ignorant, I call it being honest and how I see it. So what if I come across harsh and rude. Would you rather me lie? What you get on the Durty Truth radio show is how you will get me in person. Piss me off that is.

Anybody who knows me will tell you I am into hip hop HARD!!! Real hard. I follow that and I also follow the bull shit that I see in the media as well. Shit, I have to have something to talk about in my free time. But the other day while browsing the internet, I ran into the female counter part of myself. It was like God created a female version of me. The woman who I am referring to goes by the name of Cadillac Kimbery. She's a comedian from Atlanta, GA and after watching one of her videos on her telling it how it is about entertainers, I went back and watched all of her videos. You talking about a nigga laughing. Jesus Christ! And I thought I was bad. But after watching it, it gave me an idea. Hmmmmm. Something my boy Mr. Lex told me months ago I should do. Check out some of her videos.

Picture me doing shit like this!!!




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