Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Thoughts and Beliefs

The other night, I had a dream that made me realize how much I love my life, the people around me, and my family. People who know me know I'm more intelligent than I may act and I really do have a heart. But hey, I show it when I have to. Now before I tell you about the dream, let me first tell you I am not the most political person in the world. Somethings, I just don't give a damn about. But somethings, I do take to heart. With that being said, let me tell you about the dream and what the dream meant to me. The dream was about abortions for some reason. Don't ask me why me, a man, would be dreaming about something like this when I have three children and I never asked a girl or woman to have one.

So what's my beliefs on this subject? What does Mr. Ignorant himself think about women who have abortions? Let me first say that I love my life and regardless of what is going on in the world, I am alive. Proud of it. I have the people I love and there is too much more things for me to conquer. The radio show and my blog is just the beginning. I got my kids, my woman, my family, my friends. Man, I'm good. I have lived on this Earth to experience things. I have learned a lot and have even been wrong a number of times. But I'm alive and able to talk about it.

I never believed in abortions. And the more I slept and thought about this subject, the angrier I get mad when I think of people who have had them. To me, there are only two reasons for women to have abortions.
1. Being sexually molested.
2. Being raped.
Those are the only two things that will slide with me. Those two things, women can’t help. Regardless how much I do not agree with abortions, I don't think women should have to deal with the entire process of being pregnant when it was never intended. I also think rapist and molesters are the worst pieces of shit on Earth, right next to people who do harm to kids and elderly people. Right next to killers.

So since when a woman has an abortion, do you rank them as the same kind of killer who kills people for no general reason? I mean, you could; they are killing an unborn child who will never get to chance to experience life, never got a chance to take one breathe. Think about it. You are a grown woman. You have had the opportunity to go through life, do numerous things. So why take the life of an unborn child? Oh, I get it. You don’t like the man who got you pregnant. Or you fucked up because you had a man and now you might have to explain to him what happen. Or you thought the man pulled out on time. Or that you were on the pill or patch and something went wrong. So pick which one you fit into. Because honestly, none of these sits well with me. I look at it like this, when you lay down and cock your legs open, you know the possibilities of what may happen. Some women say, “Oh, I can’t stand the man who got me pregnant.” Well bitch, you should have gotten to know the man you just had sex with. Any woman I have ever had something serious with, I told her plain as day, you have a baby with me, you are stuck with me. Not saying we had to be in a relationship, but I was going to be in my kid’s life regardless if they liked it or not. Women must understand that it is up to them to say no to sex. And it is not right for to take a child’s life because you wanted to get your rocks off. I would rather you give a kid up for adoption than kill them. Shit, I would rather you struggle to take care of the baby rather than kill them. Do you like living? Do you like waking up every morning, knowing that you are still here? Give that unborn child the same opportunity your mother gave you. And women, if you have a man in your life who would rather take care of the baby than have you abort them, give that man the baby. True indeed, the man doesn’t have to go through the pregnancy, but for eighteen years, he will take care of that child that you two conceived together. Women who abort babies are worst than dead beat ass dads to me. Stop having sex if you can’t deal with what the consequences.

On a side note, if you really don’t want babies, learn to swallow. There’s a saying, real women swallow. Well here’s another saying. Real mothers take care of what they made instead of killing them.


Anonymous said...

Very good. And I agree with you!



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