Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Think I'm Crazy!

In the dictionary, Bipolar disorder means an affective disorder characterized by periods of mania alternating with periods of depression, usually interspersed with relatively long intervals of normal mood.

I'm starting to think a majority of women suffer from this disease. Some women will say they have emotional problems. Most men will beg to differ. Or maybe it seems like I choose women in my life who have this disease.
Let me tell you a little something about Mike Turner. Mr. Turner is the same way 24/7. He likes to laugh, joke around, be serious when needed, take care of his kids. Piss him off and then it's trouble. Read the words: PISS HIM OFF! If you follow the radio show, he has been the same guy since the first episode.
So why did I just give a short intermission about myself? Because apparently, there is nothing wrong with me. But with women, not all, but some, are so fucked up in the head, it kills me. One minute, you can be fine as all hell. Your day is going good and at the snap of a finger, you decide to flick off, say what you want to to your mate and the next second later, hug up on your mate like nothing even happen.
Wasn't I just a second ago a worthless, small dick, black bastard, but now you want to hug up on me? Didn't you say how my sex isn't good, but then you want to jump my bones? Didn't you just tell me you don't need shit from me and how you can do better by yourself and the next second, you ask me for a favor?
MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Either I'm the shit or I'm not shit.
It seems like most bipolar women also like to only tell one side of the story. What I mean by that is by the time I get in a woman's face, I'm the worst piece of shit in the world. The scum of the earth as they call it. Because this bitch, I mean woman, has told their friends every negative thing about their man, but failed to tell them the entire truth.

My man called me a bitch.
Well, were you acting bitchy?

My man jumped in my face.
Did you say some real fucked up shit for him to do that?

For real, ask yourself these questions before you go off and make who you are with a bad guy. Because a man can't argue with himself. I'm sure there is something that was said for him to go off like that. To me, it seems like a lot of women have a crazy ticker in their mind that winds down and when they hear that buzz, they flick. And after they are done flicking, they expect men not to say anything.
I'm what? I ain't shit? Oh, for real? These are some of the things men have to say once your flicking is done. And then after you realize what you have done, then men have to say,
You don't have to apologize to me.
Man, whatever.
Or that punk shit,
I forgive you.

Men, man the fuck up! If you didn't do anything for your woman to go off on you, stand your ground and don't take that shit. If a woman is good enough to say hurtful words, make sure that broad has a good enough backbone to take whatever you say out your mouth. If you continue to let your woman's bipolarerness get to you, contact me. I promise you will have a slick mouth to respond and stand up for yourself. Nothing is better than making someone say sorry. Saying sorry means you win, enough said. I'm not saying sorry solves everything, but know that you're the winner. Case closed.
Bipolar disorder to Mike Turner means you're crazy! Get that shit diagnosed.




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