Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back to Where I Belong

I'm sorry for the long delay, but I had to get a few things straightened out. Even though even thing isn't taken care of, I gotta get back on with the show. Well I hope by now some of you know me from the radio show, The Durty Truth. If not, fuck you, check the show out every Wednesday night at 10. So what's going on with me you may ask? Well, starting in a few weeks, Mr. Turner is headed back to school. Yep, gotta get this degree. Mr. Turner and his peoples is trying to get it popping. Some times wish I would have got my degree years ago, but if I would have, all the pussy I got over the year might have not went down. Sorry! Plus, I might not have my three beautiful kids I have now. It's better late than never, right?
The radio show is going good. Besides a few bull shit niggas and bull shit bitches, the show is onto a good start. I think if you listen to the show, you may know what I'm talking about. I can't even front, Wednesday nights is my favorite time of the week. You may have heard about another show who might be biting our shit, my shit. But if you are, I'm not going to wait to the vent session. FUCK YOU, PAY ME! Mr. Turner wants his money. I understand some of the stuff I might say may be funny as hell, BUT STOP BITING MY SHIT!
My homeboy, TFox, album came out last week. If you didn't cop it and you're a suppose friend of mines and his, a big middle finger goes to you!
Turner has returned......




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