Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Got So Much Shit On My Mind

It's been a minute. Damn near a year since I took time to contribute to this blog. My fault, but a man's been busy. Busy as hell. So what has happen from the last time I wrote? Shit, really nothing, I've just been lazy as hell. No motivation to do anything that has had to do with writing.

The motivation above, I'm always down for. But anyways, on some real shit, a brother has been busy. Me and my boy Lex still keep in touch and everybody's favorite show, "The Durty Truth" is coming back in a few weeks. Yep, we're back! Well not we're. Me and maybe a few old faces and a few new faces. And guess who's hosting that bitch? Yeah, yeah, I been promoted to full time host. A special wink to you bitches who thought you'd never hear from me again. I'm also in the process of trying to finally get my hip hop show off the ground and help Lex getting his sports show back off the ground. I got a few people who are interested in working with me and when I finally get some down time, it's on. So what put that pep back in in my step? Well, friends and just tired of sitting on something. I then had so many people in my life who then said I'm wasting my talent by not doing something with myself in this nature. Also, while hanging out with a few partners of mines a few weeks ago, this little youngster made me feel big headed. Said I had something called "swagger." I hate that term. So with a combination of that, shit on my mind and people to entertain, it's on a popping, son!

So the Durty Truth is back? Yep. After all the confusion with the last show, people would wonder why I would even be involved with it. One thing with me is I know how to let shit go. Plus, nobody besides Lex knew me personally. So that bull shit all them niggas said when I WASN"T ON THE SHOW don't mean a can of shit to me. When it comes to Lex, I'm loyal. And we see what happen when I wasn't on the show. And for the bitch who took my words out of context from something I wrote when I left about being better than some people, run tell that. Can you believe some of the people from the last show took an hour to talk about me? I got so much shit on my mind. But on the real, I got nothing but love for all of them, even the callers. (Sup Sassy, Midnight, and Bud) And I'm not going to lie, the new cast has some big boots to fill. But I got faith. The same faith Lex had when he put the first five strangers together. I'm not trying to rush this process and anybody who knows me will tell you that, yeah, I may come off fucked up sometimes, but when it comes to business that I am a part of, I'm all business. No ratchetness here. Lex then fucked up by putting me in control. Haha.

Now lets talk about my personal life for a minute. For those who don't know, I'm thirty three and am not the same guy I was say ten years ago. Back then, it was about three things that motivated me, money,  partying, and new pussy. My fault for being so vulgar, but hey, that's real talk. Me and my boy Derek was in D.C. so much, we should have got a place out there. But gas was cheap as hell and it wasn't a problem driving out there. Oh yeah, I recently got a Prius, so gas still ain't kicking my ass. That might be a hint to start partying all over again. After my dad died and I had kids, I slowed down a lot. But recently, I been getting back out there and meeting new people as well as run into a couple of old faces. Been hitting the clubs lately and like I said up above, this little twenty-one year old gased my head. Nothing sexual because I wasn't looking for nothing like that, but to know that I still got some pep in my step was enough to let me know that I need to stop with that "I'm old" shit. Now I will say those nights of clubbing hard did weigh on my legs. When I was 23, I was skinny as hell and had to weigh about 165 if that. Now that I'm 225, my legs ain't in the same condition. Basically, that's telling me to get my out of shape ass fit. And once I do? Oh boy, trouble. And trouble is coming back to the radio in two weeks. Be sure to check us out, show support to me and the entire show. Because I really ain't going nowhere. I really feel like I'm just getting started. It's just a reboot. Jump on now and not later because everybody knows I hate a dick rider unless you're a female. Shout out to T. Fox, Lex Luther,  WH Prose, S. McDowell, them Clubbs Brothers and anybody who has been down with me for the past 15+ years. Let's get money.

Anybody interested in the hip hop show or Sports radio show, get at me through Facebook or however possible. Peace.

PS: Happy mother's day, ladies.


Iwantmy$10 said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Let's get 'em!!!!!



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