Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Been a Long Time, I Shouldn't Have Left You...

I know, I know it's been a minute since I wrote an actually blog, but hey, HE'S BACK!!! And I make a promise to take this more serious. Plus, I been inspired by an ex-coworker who I see updating his blog every week.
So where have I been? What's up with the Durty Truth? This has been a few questions that I get from time to time when I do sign on to messenger. Let me answer the first question first because that second one might be a little lengthy.
So where have I been?
Dealing with school. (Maintaining this 3.75 GPA is kinda tough.)
Being daddy.
Working (Still waiting on this got damn government job.)
I know these are not excuses for not writing and keeping everybody in-tuned with my comical life and the bull shit that comes along with it, but hey. After the talk show bull shit, I had to refocus. I got things up my sleeves, but with these wack ass hours, I gotta wait until I get a regular ass schedule again.

So what exactly happen with the Durty Truth? Why aren't you on there anymore. First off, shout out to Mr. Lex. Been my ace boom coon for the past 13 years, way before the show. That's been my brother for years and the only person from the panel who I have talked to on a weekly basis. And when we rap, we rap about life, not the Durty Truth. Because when I said I was done with the show, I was DONE! And I meant that to the fullest. So where did it go wrong? People would say on New Years, but it was actually before that. I always felt the show was getting out of hand. But I was loyal to Lex because he gave me the opportunity to be on HIS show. I knew with me, we could bring some laughter to the people who listened. But with the show, it was getting out of hand for me. We didn't have topics, we weren't promoting (Myself included), and the show just sounded like niggas talking. So then New Years came. And mutha fuckas thought I was suppose to act ignorant in a damn restaurant and in public. People think I was suppose to be like Hulk Hogan all day, wrestling people 24/7. Let me say this. The shit that comes out of my mouth isn't an act or staged. When you take me there, you get what you get. But I was raised a certain way and if you listened to some of the shows, people had it in their mind that I thought I was better than them. Well in actually reality, I am. Why? Because you people had the nerve to question me on that. Not one time did I say I was better than anybody.
Was I better comedian?
Was I good at hosting?
Was I good at letting callers get their words out, then booting them the fuck off the phone?
Was I the star of the show?
Is the show better without me?
You tell me.

So on my very last show, when we had Mike #2, I was just being me. But certain people thought I was sabotaging ol' boy. Anybody who knows me personally knows everything was all in jokes with me. If you listened to the show, you heard me saying over and over again, "I'm just playing." People actually thought I was on Facebook and telling people to call in and dog homeboy. Hello, people was already on that piece saying they didn't like him. But that's not here or there. When I was muted for about twenty minutes, people was on the show saying I felt some type of way and was nervous about homeboy taking my spot. Seriously, I didn't personally care who took my spot because there is only one Mike. So listening to that shit made me realize that niggas on the show was fake as fuck. Then I heard the show the week after and heard that I should be happy Lex was giving me my own show because one of the other panel members was more popular than me. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Lets be honest. 3/4 of the people who called in knew the other panel members personally. So if anybody who called in became cool with me, that was a friendship earned, not on some "I know this person" shit. But it's cool. It's cool because I was already done with the show. I was going to do the Sunday gig, but I honestly did not want to start all over with new people. Even though some of the people on the show felt how they felt about me, I didn't know any of the people on the show on a personal level besides Lex. Plus, if I was going to do the show, I needed it to be perfect. I didn't want it to be rushed or forced. I'm not saying that it won't come down the line, but if it happens, its going to be the shit, fool. Trust me.
I took down all the Durty Truth stuff and vacated myself from the page because if I'm not on the show, why give a fuck about what the show is doing? Plus, it was Lex's show. He let that shit be known. Haha. Me and him still laugh at that shit. There has been a few people who called in to the show who have kept in touch with me and it's mad love. And I honestly wish nothing but the best for the show. Who knows, I might come back if it was meant to be. But for now, Turner is rolling dolo. Whatever I do when it comes to entertainment, Lex knows he is a part of it. My fav five don't have to worry about shit. (TFOX, Mr. Lex, L-Boogie, Simmons, & D Clubbs.) One of these people don't know that is about to be four because I don't do the friendship shit on a temporary basis. So with that being said, it's time to get restarted.
Let's go!




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