Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mike Turner 2.1

So it's a new year and all ready, it's a 50/50 good/bad ratio. Things on the home front are going great, but then there's the "Entertainment" side. Can I first say that I am me 24/7, but you have to bring it to me to get a certain reaction? Now I do not know how many people follow me here or on the Durty Truth. Well let me say I do not know what's going on with the show right about now. After last weeks show, you would think I would say fuck the show, but it is what it is. I take nothing personal and there was a Mike Turner before that shit, I mean show, came about. From the feedback, people were pissed that the show has been canceled or put on hiatus for Wednesday. But before the show, Mike Turner had a life. Mike Turner was writing rhymes and going to school for trying to actually get his name out there somehow and someway. The Durty Truth was an opening, letting me get a taste of how it feels to see how that lifestyle might be. But it seems like on New Years Eve, people didn't get the entertainment they wanted.
But do you think when Hulk Hogan gets out the ring, he is wrestling 24/7? Hello, I do have a calm side. And I'm not going to address people directly. But me and Lex will be cool until I die. And I feel like that with the other people on the show as well. I don't take anything personal besides my kids and maybe one other thing. But if my quote, quote friends do not back me when something is being said, then I think I better get myself another set of friends.

So what's the 2.1 mean? I will let people assume and think what it is. It's not hard, but it's a new Turner. I'm going for the gusto. My boy Lex then gave me the opportunity to see how radio works and I'm going to possibly run with it. I have so much writings in the archives that need to be let loose (Shout out to Sassy for reading some) where I can really make a name for myself. I have a story I have been sitting on for years that I need to let loose. Cause see, it's not always about talking shit or going in on people. I do have a normal life where it doesn't evolve around talking shit all the time.

Now from what I been seeing, the Durty Truth will find out what will go on with the show. If it is anything like last week, I believe it needs to end. You had "Family" going at it like they were fighting for the last piece of chicken and shit. "Family" and "Friends" shouldn't be going at one another like that. But hey, every family has its misfits here and there. Honestly, I do not even know if I would feel comfortable dealing with some of those people right now. Maybe I need to distance myself for a short time. Or maybe really looking into doing something on my own. I think I can hold down hosting a show, right?

2.1= Mike Turner 2011. Duh.

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